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Apple iPad 3rd Generation 16GB,iPad HD Wi-Fi 9.7 inch Black (Latest Model)


The “New iPad” iPad 3rd release date and pricing options
As of this afternoon, Apple fans can pre-order the new iPad, with the the annouchment that the new ipad release date changed from the rumored 29 march to a much closer March 16th.
Apple CEO Tim Cook promoted the new iPad’s features in a widely covered press conference, touting its HD display, 5-megapixel camera and 4G LTE capabilities as revolutionary upgrades to Apple’s flagship tablet. In the weeks prior to the announcement, we reported on some rumors from Apple insiders that the new iPad would cost slightly more than the iPad 2.

However, this isn’t the case. The new iPad’s most basic model will start at $499, the same as the iPad 2′s 16GB Wi-Fi version at launch.
Here’s a full list of the pricing options for the New Apple iPad.

New iPad Wi-Fi versions (no 4G access):

$499 16GB
$599 32GB
$699 64GB

New iPad 4G and Wi-Fi:

$629 16GB
$729 32GB
$829 64GB

New iPad 4G IPad HD owners will also need to purchase a month-to-month data plan from AT&T or Verizon. The cheapest option is a 250MB plan from AT&T for $15. Read our article on the New iPad’s specs include connectivity features for more info on 4G data pricing plans.

The big question is whether or not it makes sense to upgrade from an earlier iPad model. iPad 2 owners might not want to upgrade right away, as there are a limited number of differences between the iPad 2 and the new iPad. The HD display of the new iPad is the best reason for an upgrade.

iPad 2 owners who enjoy watching movies and reading books on their iPads will love the enhanced clarity of the new device, but the 4G capabilities of the device will only appeal to power users who frequently use their iPads for mobile browsing.
However, for buyers who don’t already own an iPad 2, the “New iPad” is a powerful, great-looking tablet and an affordable option.

It’s a strong answer to Android tablets like the Asus Transformer Prime, which captured a lot of press over the last few months for its Tegra 3 graphics processor.

Ultimately, the new iPad offers most of the features that we’d expected, and it’s a great competitive move from Apple to set new iPad pricing options in line with earlier iPad models.

The new iPad will hit store shelves on March 16th. At that time, we’ll have more information about the actual power of the iPad’s graphics processor and its brilliant QXGA display.

Will the iPad 3 have siri voice recognition

Will the iPad 3 have siri voice recognition?On March 7th, Apple will announce the iPad 3 release date via a news announcement. The announcement is one of the worst-kept secrets in technology, as some reports suggest that Apple has already sent the iPad 3 ahead to stores like Best Buy.

However, there is still a lot of speculation about potential iPad 3 features, especially the inclusion or exclusion of Siri voice controls

Siri is a virtual assistant that uses advanced voice recognition technology to answer questions, change the user’s schedule, set alarms and to handle a variety of similar tasks for the iPad 3 Siri ihas been a real hit as a feature of the iPhone 5, so it makes sense for Apple to include it in the iPad 3. Apple prides itself on its ability to create products that are intuitive and easy to use. The company likes to include the same features across all of its computers and devices, because this tactic creates lifelong Apple fans.

In the weeks preceding the iPad 3 release, several insider reports confirmed various iPad 3 features. Siri was among the device’s listed features. As the voice assistant program requires little more than a software upgrade, many analysts believe that it’s practically guaranteed in the new iPad. Some Apple fans expect a revised version of Siri with better voice recognition and more capabilities. This also seems likely, although Apple would likely extend any upgrade to Siri’s core capabilities to the iPhone version of the app.

Apple will still limit the software’s functionality. Siri probably won’t be able to control any apps made by third party companies, for instance, because that ability would create significant security issues. Siri is also limited by the quality of the iPad 3′s microphone, although many analysts expect the iPad 3 to use the same high-quality microphone that Apple used in the iPad 2. iPad 3 owners will be able to use the built-in microphones on the iPad 3′s headphones to cut out background noise when issuing commands.

Apple will release a full list of iPad 3 features when it announces the device on March 7th.

Although Siri isn’t a guarantee, Apple fans fully expect the voice control app to make the cut, as Siri has become part of the Apple brand in recent months.