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How To Check Whether The Phone Can Be Used In Your Country


Dear customers:

For the 4G network is available in more and more mobile phones we sell now and also in the future, here is a link for you to take a check the 4G LTE network coverage and see if this phone's 4G network match the one in your country:

List of Worldwide LTE networks(copy the following URL and paste it to browser address bar)

Because there are a lot of questions regarding whether a smartphone will work in your country and their network coverage, we have written a short guide to help you find out.
Here is a short guide to determine whether a specific smartphone can be used in your country.

1. Before you decide to purchase a phone, you should pay attention to the message of the network frequency on the product page. It will tell you the supported network frequencies. For example:

2. Next you should confirm if your country supports the network frequencies that were listed. The best way is to ask your Local telecom operators. Or you can confirm this by visiting the following website: (For reference only)
On this site you can see the search box on the right:

3. Select your country in the first field and your network operator (or all) in the second field. For example, when we choose Russia:

4. We will get a list of operators, for this example we will select: OJSC Mobile TeleSyStems with 3G 2100MHz . This will display its network coverage and the network information of this particular telecom operator.
The coverage map and more information can be found below:

5. Now you can see what network frequencies are supported in your country and their respective coverage.