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Zeaplus Watch Is An Apple Watch Clone Compatible With Android And iOS iWatch Zeawatch Zeaplus G2


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say, and in that regard Cupertino-based Apple Inc. should probably feel highly regarded in this sense, as many of their devices have been cloned and cloned again. Those devices would never be sold directly in the U.S. because of copyright laws, but that hasn’t stopped Chinese companies from selling these knock off goods in their own home markets. Such is the case with what seems to be the latest Apple product knock off, the Zeaplus Watch which aims to clone the yet unreleased Apple Watch that is due out this April.

At first glance, the Zeaplus Watch could be slightly difficult to tell apart from the Apple Watch, so much so that if you only had a second to catch a quick glimpse you might never know it wasn’t the Apple Watch, and that’s likely the point. This won’t run Apple’s smartwatch OS though and neither will it really be a clone of the OS, and while the Apple Watch might be more capable than the Zeaplus Watch, Zeaplus’s entry however is a little more versatile than the Apple Watch in at least one area, and that’s compatibility. According to Zeaplus, the Zeaplus Watch will be able to support both Android and iOS devices so for consumers who honestly like the look of the Apple watch more but like and use an Android smartphone, the Zeaplus Watch could be the answer.

The device is listed as supporting a micro SIM so it’ll be capable of using a stand alone connection to allow voice calls and apparently won’t require the connection to a smartphone. It’s also listed as having an aluminum watch body, Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility for the smartphone connection, a heart rate monitor and a pedometer for counting steps, and Zeaplus states that it will come in three available colors, consisting of Silver, Gray, and Gold. So far, Zeaplus hasn’t listed a launch date for the watch, only that it’s coming soon, nor have they mentioned a price point. Zeaplus other watch offering though, the Zeaplus Watch G2(a Gear 2 clone) so the pricing for the Zeaplus Watch could be lookig forward.