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Airpods was eaten by accident, after flushing out the body can continue to use


The AirPods as the popularity of the apple products, has been more and more popular , AirPods with connection speed and stable, become the first choice for many urban young white-collar workers, and about AirPods sound quality, also have a complete upgrade in low frequency, we can on the bus or the subway, can always see some people wear AirPods.
Last month, there was a lot of buzz about AirPods when it was revealed that it was accidentally eaten by somebody, but after being flushed out of the body, the airpods still work.
AirPods does not support the waterproof, even the new AirPods also does not support the waterproof, but also have people say, in the wash clothes before not AirPods headset takes out from inside the pocket, cause AirPods with clothes are washed, but amazingly, AirPods headphones after take out, also can be used.
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